All lights gone
Darkness around me
I sit alone on Throne made of skulls
Sipping from the chalice of blood
Existed like that for all eternity
Waiting at the end of the world and my life
But then the fallen star blinded me
I already knew that she was an angel
I do nothing say, but this song hurt my soul
To chasing dreams need to be lost
It is like a eclipse of the burning sun in the night sky
Beautiful and dangerous, enticing and lethal …
The only light which is still lasts
I am only a shadow in deeper dark.
Who is looking light of stars
But on my sky, you are the most beautiful star.
So I’m looking for only you …

Without You

Waking up
In empty home
There is no you,
I’m alone.

Feel my breath
on your naked skin
I Feel your ardor
in my heart

Look at Rain
Maybe you will not believe
But this rain of my tears
In my life only longing

For you remembrance
Those moments that were never our
For my forgotten dreams
Which came true

I can’t remind
former days
It’s even well
Those days were sad

Without you
My world is abyss
Where nothing matters
Only your lack